Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Leaky sounds

I am sitting by myself in this apartment. This apartment subdivides us from other families in the building. And though I am by myself in this space, I am certainly not alone. As I sit here writing, while everything is seemingly calm and quiet, I can still hear the faint sounds of other living spaces in this building. I hear the trickle of water through pipes, the drop of some object on someone's floor, a distant radio. Sounds permeate through the walls. I can't help but think that whatever we do, seeps in some unintended direction.

Whatever we do in one area of our life bears in other areas, whether we intend it or not. Any imbalance will reflect in other areas. Too much of anything is not necessarily good. It lopsides us. We can pretend to keep it together, but at some point we will hear the trickles into other areas of our lives. W
e will feel the thumps. This is so true of workaholism, shopping, religious fanaticism, recreation or any other behavior we take to excess.

The other side of this is that any healing we do in one are or our life will also flow into other areas of our lives bringing us closer to wellbeing. Today is a good day to start bringing balance into our lives. Let us begin by asking ourselves: What areas of my life are impacting the other areas strongly? Is it a healthy impact? Is there a change I would like to make?
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