Friday, April 8, 2016


I lost my voice. Don't worry. It's not permanent. I got one of those colds that makes your whole body quake and tremble when you cough. After the third day, my throat became very soar and, at some point, I lost my voice. I have now been without full use of my voice for ten days.

This is very difficult for me. I have classes, speaking engagements, work commitments and a family life. I need my voice. Yet I had no choice but to be quiet for a while. My life was on mute.

After the first few times I tried to speak and made it worse, I heeded. I became quiet. I can be quiet. That is not a problem. But outside of my meditation room, being quite is weird. It feels unnatural. It also feels powerless. Yet after a few days, it wasn't so bad. Being silent gave me bigger eyes, more sensitive ears, a wider heart. I laughed more too.

Today is a good day to be quiet on purpose. Let's look around. Let's see something new. Without our interjection, somehow our senses are heightened for us to perceive more fully. Let's listen more intently without planning a response. Let us listen to more than our own voice. What will we hear? What will we discover? What will we enjoy?

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