Friday, December 12, 2014

Rushing water

Take a deep breath. Exhale. Breathe in again. Breathe out.

Breathe normally throughout this exercise. 

Imagine you walk into a bathroom. You turn around. You close the door. Imagine a tub across from you. Walk to it. Feel your hand turning the faucet clockwise. Hear the rush of water streaming out. The sound overwhelms the small space. The sounds of the day swirl in in your mind. The minutes pass, noisily. You sit in the tub, in the center of the rising water, of the cacophony hurrying out of the faucet. Your heart is racing. You are just as hurried. Your mind is just as loud. 

Your hand turns the faucet in the other direction, stopping the flow. Everything ceases in one moment.

Feel the difference.

Feel your mind slow down.

Focus on the space between your thoughts and the silence. Focus on the now still water. Breathe.

Focus on your breath. Be still. Let the water hold you. Breathe.

Be still. Be the stillness.

Feel the shift into the calm, your heart soothing down. Breathe.

Stay here for a few moments. Breathe a few more restful breaths. Smile a little bit. 

Take this quiet, still moment with you today. Whenever you feel the tensions of the day rush in, come back to this feeling, to this moment, to release, refocus and to return to center. 

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