Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A watched pot never boils

This phrase reminds me of a summer many, many years ago when three of my cousins came to visit us. We were little girls then. My mom was teaching us how to make cream of wheat on the stove. My cousin Angie was so excited. She stood in front of the stove asking "When is it ready?" My mom replied, "A watched pot never boils". It was the firts time I heard the phrase. It has since stuck with me.

A watched pot never boils. This is not about water boiling or not boiling. We trust the laws of physics. Heated at 212 degrees, water will boil. Our watching over it will not make it boil or make it boil any quicker. Yet we ask ourselves, If I don't watch it, how do I know when it is warming up to a boil? Is it hot enough? Is it actually going to boil? Is it boiling? We stir ourselves up. We must have patience and trust.

Once we have made our intentions clear and taken the right steps in that direction, we let go trusting that the Universe is taking care of the details. We will know what to do next, in its time. There is no need to watch the process. This will not speed anything up. Watching over the process keeps us away from living and closes us up to inspiration, guidance and enjoying the present.

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