Monday, December 1, 2014

Money is never enough

I have learned from personal experience that abundance is a belief. It is. I have learned that any money I have received was mine to receive. Jobs, gifts and people are just the medium through which I get it. I have also learned that the amount of money I make is irrelevant to my prosperity, abundance and well-being. I have released my fears about money. I believe we live in an abundant universe and I have enough...always.

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Money is a sensitive subject that can keep us up at night, in arguments with loved ones, self-conscious if we use it as an indicator of our success and worried. So I don't talk about it. I have a different point of view, I know. Actually, it's more than a different point of view. It's a deep belief and I live my life in harmony with it. I get, I give, I trust and I am thankful–everyday. I don't question it. I assume it. I live it. I don't begrudge those who have more or judge those who have less. I love money. I am not ashamed of it, ever. I love sharing it. I don't attach any morality to it. It just is. It is a tool, a resource, another thing to be grateful for.

Money is not the measure of an abundant life. Money itself will never be enough. My life is abundant in many ways. I enjoy great experiences, material things, opportunities, friendships and relationships, health, fun, creativity and love. I am abundantly rich because I don't worry about my finances. I take practical steps, am responsible, plan and then I let go. More importantly, I believe that it is not what I have but what I am that makes my life abundant.

Today is a good day to be thankful for what you already have, to set an intention to tap into the abundance that is already yours, to vibrate at a higher level of thought–up from thoughts of lack to thoughts of abundance and, in so, attract more of it to yourself. Choose not to focus on what is missing in your life and stop measuring your worth based on what you have or your income. Believe you are abundant. Soon you will feel it, then you will know it and, finally, you will live it.

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