Friday, November 21, 2014


It is the sound of my exhale–throaty, steady and full, that does it for me. In through my nose, out through my nose–centering me, calming me, steadying my nervous system, clearing my thoughts even if for just a moment. I feel it on the exhale. It all happens there for me.

Over the past six weeks I have been inhaling and exhaling trying to sort out my thoughts while in a whirlwind of activity and travel. My time away was a breathing pause. 

There was too much going on, so I only took on the urgent. This discontinuance was a time away from cyberspace, meeting with friends, socializing, weekends away at the beach, The Soulcerer's Apprentice, spontaneous fun, reading literature, yoga, writing and game nights. None of these are extra. They bring joy and balance to my life, but I became disconnected and in that disconnection I lost perspective and forgot what I know. 

Throughout the tumult, I did keep my meditation practice up. There were days I needed a second, sometimes a third, moment of meditation. In the thick of it, meditation helped me prioritize, endure and stay calm. Meditation took me from a possible breakdown to a breakthrough. 

During my breather, I paid attention. I saw, I listened and I received. I received guidance, intuitive insight, cooperation and love. I remembered how capable I am of disconnecting from my wiser Self and that reconnecting is a matter of getting still and quiet. Silence whispers all the answers. I am back, honoring my rhythms. My soul-verse has emerged more pure (as in uncontaminated by outside pressures, opinions and expectations), more open, free and Self-directed. 

Today is Friday and each Friday I like to share with you a meditation exercise. Today's is simple. If you have earplugs nearby, put them in. Otherwise, just plug your ears with your index fingers. Close your eyes. 

Take a slow, deep inhale. 

Exhale, as though you are slowly pushing air up your throat. Feel it rise up and come out your nose. 

Listen to it. 


Slowly exhale. Visualize your hands pushing the breath up. Listen. 


Push the breath gently and slowly out. Listen to it hollowing your throat.

Take a few more breaths in and out, focusing on the sound of your exhale. 


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