Monday, November 24, 2014

I knew it!

I simultaneously dropped my shoulders, closed my eyes and exhaled in a universal gesture of disappointment. I don't know why I was disappointed. I had suspected there was going to be a line and I was not going to be able to stay for my appointment. I finally said it out loud, "I knew it!"

Gordon Livingston said it most clearly, "As with most things in life, our expectations are generally realized." I understand this. I have known this for a long time, yet I still fall into pessimistic thoughts that manifest themselves into unpleasant experiences. When we approach our days with pessimism, anger and mistrust, we are likely to find more of it wherever we go, whatever we do and with whomever we have to deal with. We fulfill our own prophecies. 

The good news is that we can change our expectations. We can anticipate good outcomes the same way we anticipate bad ones. We can assume that we will find what we are looking for.  We can suspect that the people we meet along the way are part of our path and the fulfilling of our purpose. We can count on serendipity. We can have high hopes for our dreams. We can expect what we are willing to give. I know this for, just as I have experienced bad days after expecting so, I have experienced great ones after reframing my thoughts, being thankful or simply staying positive. 

Approach today with openness, gratitude, joy and your best intentions. Know that everything is well. Expect it to be and it will be.

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