Wednesday, November 26, 2014


In investing, past performance does not guarantee future results. I am currently writing a book on personal finance and, as I do, I make this caveat clear. This could make investors nervous. This is not my intention. It is meant to educate and to caution. This warning is mainly brought up in the face of possible dissatisfaction if an investment does not yield as expected–to either remain stable or to take an upward turn. It is the notice investors are redirected to when an investment fails to perform.

In life, with people, we don't calculate our return on investment, our ROI, in the same way. We invest our love and, though we may not see personal or direct gains returned, the love we give, in whatever form we give it, is always a gain unto all of us. 

Many times it is great news that past performance does not gurantee future behavior. It is great news that people have the power to change themselves, to choose new thoughts, new habits and new paths. The power of forgiveness, personal and spiritual growth, maturity, wisdom and love can render past functioning presently worhtless. And though we know that people's past experiences can be great sources of knowledge, learning and understanding, in the present, the past is the past. To assess the value of a person on their past performance can lead us to disregard a friend, a lover, a mentor, a running mate, a guide. The return on our investment of time, understanding, goodwill and love can be a blessing unimagined and invaluable.

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