Thursday, February 20, 2014

Why we pray

My friend is frustrated. We are having coffee and she is telling me about everything that is going wrong in her life–her job is complicated, her love-life is dull, her finances are tight and her relationship with her family is difficult. In the middle of our conversation she says, I don't even know why we pray anymore. 

I hear her. I understand. I find myself disappointed at times, frustrated, lost, angry, sad and confused. We, collectively, are disappointed, frustrated, lost, angry, sad and confused. We pray for things to get better, for people to change. Yet we find ourselves in the same situations, with the same feelings, over and over again. We need to change our prayer. 

We don't pray to change our circumstances, Spirit's mind or other people. We pray to change our perception, to remove the blocks to our guidance, to eliminate our resistance to forgiveness, to take away our doubt, to see things and people as they are, to understand, to reinterpret our experience according to the truth. When we pray in this matter, we restore our connection to Spirit, to our inner wisdom. Ultimately, when we drop our resistance, we receive what makes us happy, what is good for us and the highest and best version of ourselves. When we are willing, our highest-self comes true and through.

Today is a good day for us to pray to see, to listen, to understand. When we are willing to release our misconceptions, to change our thinking, miracles happen. Even if nothing changes, we do...for the better. And that's why we pray.

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