Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday morning

My intention today is to create. I sit for a few moments...quiet, still. I breathe:

I create well being.     I am well. 

I create positivity.     All is well. 

I create happiness.     I inspire others by being happy. 

I create abundance.     I am thankful for all I have. 

I create health.     I breathe. 

I create joy.     I share my inner light. 

I create goodwill.     I am kind. 

I create peace.     I forgive. 

I create prosperity.     I share what I have. 

I create kindness.     I am charitable with what I say. 

I create my dreams.     I am passionate and on purpose. 

I create love.     I am love. 

I am creative.     I create.  

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