Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How dare you?

You know those people. The ones that go out and achieve things in spite of the odds. I'm not talking about the ones who struggle and strive and fight for what they want. I am talking about those who non-chalantly stay the a good mood, in a tireless way accomplishing goals and reaching their dreams regardless of the circumstances surrounding them. It's as though they are not aware of the difficulties and the obstacles the rest of the human race has to face. They are the ones who don't seem to listen that these things they are doing are not par for the course, that they are going against the grain, they are not supposed to happen. Know them? Me too.

I happen to work with a few people that are that way. Together we have carried out some pretty spectacular programs and events. In the current environment we live in, we get a lot of puzzled looks. Why would we do this? How do we this? And, the kicker, How dare we?

How dare we? This is not about us daring as though we are rebelling or breaking a rule. This is about us daring in the face of uncertainty, economic distress, critical junctures, political pressures, lack of support and general negativity. I have learned from these people why they dare. They are sure. They are not sure of the outcome, or when or from where the money will come in, who will participate, who will support them. What they are sure of is that there is a big purpose in what they do, that the funding will come in, that the right people will show up, that the resources will appear.

How dare you? You dare in faith, in the inner knowledge that you are loved, protected, guided and supported. You dare because you are connected to Spirit and, as you listen within, you know your purpose. You dare because you trust your inner wisdom.

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