Friday, April 28, 2017

Peace is the way

I'm a pacifist. I don't say that to separate myself from others, to make myself different, or to label myself. I say it as a reminder to myself, a reminder that my power lies in serenity and nonviolence. Being a pacifist means that I draw from inner peace to interact with the world. When I'm at peace, I'm powerful. When I'm at peace, I'm less reactive, more composed and able to make better decisions. I'm centered, grounded, and strong.

As a pacifist, I don't ignore what is going on. With my pacifist mindset, I have participated in and accomplished many changes of things and circumstances that matter to me and that affect the greater good. Some are obvious. Others, not so much. Yet these changes are appreciated by others and contribute to a healthy coexistence, more pragmatism, collective productivity, and communal wellbeing. I may not scream, rant and raise my fist, but I do protest. I protest, make my voice heard and make change happen.

At the moment, we are in turmoil. My country's present is bleak, its future even more so. We are in the midsts of political mayhem. Trust is at an all-time low. Our dignity has been violated. We, as a people, are at our wits end. Our future compromised by governmental corruption. We are suffering injustice after injustice perpetrated by the very people elected to manage our resources, protect and serve, and make decisiones for our country. We have no justice. We have no peace.

To live in peace requires justice, requires action. We as a people are coming together to claim justice. Next Monday, May the 1st, we will march, we will stop commerce, we will stop everything, and we will make our voices heard. I ask for your highest and best thoughts for a peaceful and powerful demonstration. I ask for your highest and best thoughts for a peaceful outcome for the people of Puerto Rico.

Peace requires action. Today is a good day to take action. Sit in meditation for a few minutes. Gather your peace, gather your strength. Meditation is action. It is reaching in for power, strength and guidance. Sustained peace requires this kind of action and action that will garner us justice requires us to be at peace so that our message is heard and not our anger or our rightful indignation.

For those of us who will march on Monday, let's join our minds in silence and stillness before we head out to protest, that we may be imperturbable as we walk. Peace is the way.

Let's gather our peace, let's gather our strength, and let's go and make our voices heard.

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