Friday, April 21, 2017

Breathing Space

Take a deep breath. Open up the space between this moment and the next. Breathe. Create space between your emotion and your reaction, between your reaction and your decision. Create a space between your anger and what you say. Breathe. Make space between your sadness and your view of the world. Breathe space between you and your reaction to others. Breathe. Create space.

It's Friday. Many view this day as the beginning of the weekend. Yet, many others view Friday as the most difficult day of the week. It's the day in which everything that didn't get done during the week must get done. It's the day when we see what balls we dropped, what deadlines we missed, and what gets pushed on to next week's already full to-do list. Friday, for many, is the day that looms longer than others. It's the in which we hold our breath without noticing, in which we react without thinking, in which we bounce from one thing to another seemingly without a beginning or end in a loop of frantic activity and fragmented thoughts.

Today is a good day to create space for inner peace, calmness, and more composed thoughts. It is a good day to breathe and create space between one thing and another, between one task and another, between one thought and another. Let's breathe while we wait for the elevator doors to open, for the page to load, for the light to change. Breathing space between everything that we say, think and do minimizes mistakes and clumsiness, allows us moments of unexpected joy, brings up kindness, reduces anxiety, and let's a better version of us come through. Breathing space consciously improvises a smile on our face, creating a positive neurochemical reaction that makes us feel good. Let's breathe space between one bite and the next. Let's weave space in conversations. Let's be mindful. Let's take conscious breaths throughout this day creating space in our body, our mind, our spirit, and our soul.

Lotus Mandala 2, painting by Judith Shaw found at

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