Friday, May 5, 2017


I'm no prude when it comes to swearing. Swearing sometimes helps me express how I really feel. Sometimes it makes me funny. Sometimes it relieves tension. Yet, I know there's a right time and place to use profanity. And there's no need to get offensive. So I watch my language.

I'm not alone. I know many people who speak very properly and then we let loose and the swear words come out. We know what to say and when to say it. Yet, we are not so careful with other words and phrases we use.

We speak without watching the weight of our words, the disempowering ways we speak about everyday circumstances. We set ourselves on a course to fail or succeed with what we say. We do so without being conscious about it. We talk about what we lack, what there's not enough of, what is wrong, what can go wrong, what we don't like, and what we don't want. We complain. We criticize. We tell our children what not to forget rather than what to remember. We warn against what we don't like rather than what we do. We talk about what we have to do, which sounds like an obligation, instead of what we get to do, which sounds like a choice we make. We judge others. We bring ourselves and those around us down.

This is not about positivity. This is about alchemy, about changing our experience by changing the way we speak. We can say we are broke, or we can say we have other things on budget right now (empowering ourselves to put what we want on the budget). We can say I have to work out today, or we can say I get to work out today (which is an opportunity we take). We can say Don't talk to me that way, or we can say I appreciate it when you speak calmly. We can say I have to do it this way, or we can say I do this because it helps me. We can speak as victims or we can speak as masters.

Today is a good day to watch our language and experience something different, something better. Let's not complain, let's not judge. Let's reinforce the good, the positive, the possible. Let's use words of abundance, creativity, wellbeing, confidence, and good neighboring. Let's speak mindfully and change the way we identify with the context of our lives. Let's watch our language.

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