Friday, March 31, 2017

Stop. Drop. Roll.

I could feel my head getting hot. We had an internet security breach. After the initial chaos, we had to reconfigure every gateway into our network. This meant a breakdown of every system and a huge interruption of our work. We had to check every online account we own and reset every password. We had to test and retest our new security measures and fix the new issues that popped up. This is not over, I'm sure.

My head was on fire. I felt my brain was going to explode. As I was burning with anxiety and worry, thinking about everything I had to get done and the possible consequences of the hack, I remembered what we were taught as children, when on fire, stop, drop and roll. I was on fire. I thought for a moment. I could burn, almost quite literally, or I could stop, drop and roll.

I stopped what I was doing, which was not productive, anyways. I dropped my negative and pessimistic thoughts–which allowed me to get creative and feel better, and I rolled with the day. I made a few calls to reschedule work, I caught up with some projects I had on the back burner and I flowed.

Life doesn't always go according to our plan. This can be very disruptive and can upset our psyche and our physical health. When this happens, we can take a moment to breathe and center ourselves in what is at the moment, instead of frustrating ourselves with what we want it to be. And so, today is a good day to stop whatever it is we are doing that is unfruitful and ineffective, to drop our worrisome and discouraging thoughts and just roll with what is presented to us. We may be surprised with what we end up accomplishing. When we stop, drop and roll, we flow, enlivened by creativity and unexpected opportunity.

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