Friday, March 24, 2017

Meeting the world

There's so much that shocks us, confuses us, annoys us, offends us, angers us, bothers us, warms our heart, inspires us, makes us proud, enlivens us, and makes us smile. On any given day, we go out into the world and encounter so much. We react to it. We are affected by it. We are part of it. We affect it. It reacts to us.

Whatever we meet in the world, we meet in ourselves. Everything that we recognize, that we fear, that we understand, that we get, we do so because it is in us, it is a reflection of something in us, of something we bring wholeheartedly, something we fear in ourselves and have repressed, or of something we don't completely understand. We then behave accordingly. We act in reaction to our perception, and this has an effect on what we receive in return.

As we head out today, let's be aware that we have an effect in and on the world. Let's meet the best of ourselves out there. Let's expect it. Let's receive it. Let's give it. Today is a good day to recognize our one and only nature and know that we meet ourselves everyday in every circumstance, situation and interaction we have with another.

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