Friday, February 24, 2017


The drilling starts early in the morning. The remodeling is a few floors up, but, in this concrete building, the drilling and the hammering reverberate through the walls in an awful staccato. I can't concentrate. I can't talk on the phone. My thinking is disjointed. I feel disconnected. The sound is louder than any sound around me. It has been so every morning for the past few weeks. Yesterday he suggested that we play music. How could I hear the music with all this noise around me? It made no sense to me, but I did.  And it did make a difference. My ear tipped to the native flutes coming out of Spotify on the bluetooth speaker. It not only eased my mood, it helped me concentrate. It is such a metaphor for life.

What do we pay attention to? Is it the loudest sounds around us? What and who is screaming? What demands our attention so immediately and so loudly? Other peoples' problems, worries about the future, gossip, disinformation, rumors, mass confusion, negativity, pessimism, unsound controversy. Whatever we pay attention to grows before us. We move to the rhythm of what we listen to. We react in the same tone and vibration. The loudest sounds can be disorganized, seemingly urgent and in constant competition for our attention. This noise creates a commotion that distracts us, creates dissonance, disrupts harmony, and consumes our energy.

We can cultivate a richer, more peaceful and tranquil life. A few minutes each day focused on our breath will help us create that space within us where we can go to when the world gets too noisy. A few minutes each day in meditation will help us be more centered, balanced and able to listen to ourselves even in the midsts of chaos. The silence delivers clarity, direction, and strength to respond to life rather than react to the ruckus around us.

Today is a good day to listen to the whispers of our heart. Let's know that there will be noise, but that we can tip our ear to the silence within ourselves. Let's listen to our purpose, our plans, our dreams. This is the sound of our highest and best good, which leads us to where we can serve, grow, and resonate with our dreams. Let's listen to a higher vibration, the whispers of our soul.

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