Friday, February 3, 2017

Desperate times are calling

Desperate times call for desperate measures. We don't have to answer with desperate measures, though. Not at all.

Responding with desperate measures to desperate times has brought us to this precise moment in which the world, politically, socially and economically, seems so chaotic and frenzied. On a more personal level, responding with desperate measures brings us desperate results.

Desperate measures are emotional responses, attacks and counterattacks, overreactions, retribution, exaggerated plans, unsound schemes, and acting from hopelessness and hysterics. We lose our personal and collective power when we react desperately. What desperate times call for are not desperate measures, but stillness, love, centering, connection, spiritual alignment, prayer, meditation, clarity and a remembrance of our Inner-being, our Higher Selves. What we want can get lost in the confusion and emotionalism. We need to go within in order to come out with our full power.

We need to act when times become desperate, but we don't need to act in desperation. We need right action and that will only come after discernment. We need to build inspired movement. We need to call on our inspiration that we may use our power in energized, motivated and clearheaded ways.

Energy that we spend desperately leaves us drained and angry. Today is a good day to walk away from the grapevine, the fear discourses, the gossip, the hysteria, and mainstream media. Let's take ourselves out for a walk in fresh air, or let's go to a place in which we can be quiet and still. Let's clear our heads. Let's ask our questions and be willing to listen. Answers will come when they will. When they do, we will know what to do and when to do it. We will respond from a place of hope rather than a place of desperation.

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