Friday, December 9, 2016

Gray skin

I was on my way to a workshop I was teaching in another town. I had plenty of time to get there. I left early enough with a plan to find a place to eat lunch before getting to the school. Because I had plenty of time, I decided to stop and buy pens for the participants. I did. I got back in the car and went on my way. But, by the time I got back on the road, traffic had built up. The detour to the store delayed me more than I expected. When I got close to the school, I found that the only place near enough and quick enough to eat was a McDonald's. Oh boy. How bad could it be?, I thought.

Today I woke up a bit sluggish and looking a little gray. It's no wonder, considering what I ate. I know better than to eat McDonald's. What I take in builds me up or drags me down. This, however, does not only happen with food.

What we take in builds us up or drags us down. As Wayne Dyer once wrote, Beautiful thoughts build a beautiful mind. Thoughts build our feelings. Our souls feed on what we read, watch, listen to, speak, and imagine. A constant intake of pessimism, negativity, fear, worry, and gossip drags us down. Yet, when we take in optimistic, positive, hopeful, confident, assertive, and empathic thoughts, we become energized, inspired, and strengthened.

Today is a good day to ask ourselves how we want to feel and then feed ourselves accordingly. Though we may take in lesser thoughts every now and then, we can nourish and sustain our souls with beauty, kindness, a whole-hearted smile, literature, uplifting conversation, generosity, laughter, inspiration, shared joy, positive affirmations, creative visualizations, music, and gratitude. Good food, good thoughts and good feelings make us feel good. We can turn our gray skin and our meh-feeling souls around. What will you feed on today?

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