Friday, December 23, 2016


I didn't come here last week. I'm having a hard time writing. My bones hurt. It's not that I'm not writing because my bones hurt. They hurt because I'm not writing. It's psychosomatic, I know. Not writing weighs heavily on me and I feel it in my body. I want to write, even if I don't know what it is I want to say. Writing is my flow and not writing keeps me stuck and heavyhearted.

I know why I'm not writing. Last week I finished a very difficult semester and, immediately after, I let go of my spiritual practices in order to take a break and relax. I haven't taken a break and I haven't relaxed. Sleeping in means that the world is awake by the time I get up and so I wake up to action, conversation and a whirl of activity. I believe that my lack of meditation has brought me to this point, has brought this on. The Universe likes order. Inspiration is in the rituals – mornings rise through meditation, prayer, silence, poetic movement and incense. It is then that the muses show up. When I forgo my practices, chaos enters. Maybe it's superstition. No, I'm inclined to believe otherwise. I believe that in quiet stillness my intention meets a higher Intention and, in concert, they set a tone and a rhythm to life that is smooth and powerful. As I meet my morning, so I meet my day and everything I do in it. It is a matter of ritual and reverence to the Self and a remembrance of what is important, what I hold sacred, and what makes me feel whole and happy. Writing flows from that connection.

Today, I stopped everything mid-afternoon to wash the dishes, mindfully and aware. That was my prayer, my acknowledgement of the heart of the ordinary things in my life that make up my life. It was a prayer of gratitude and forgiveness, and an invocation to flow. I'm flowing.

Today is a good day to do just that, to take a moment in the normalcy of life to say thanks, to connect, to call on Inspiration, to bring awareness and mindfulness to our days that we may create smoothly, joyfully, and vibrantly. Let's do this today, and then again tomorrow, and then they day after.

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