Thursday, October 25, 2018

I trust

Overwhelmed. Tired. Afraid. Worried. Tense. Too much. Just too much.

This is how I feel this moment. My chest is tight. My heart is racing. My body is stiff and achy. My brain is overloaded. My mind is blocked. My soul is heavy. And I feel that I can't deal. Not one more thing, please. Not today.

As I write, as I breathe slowly to calm the fire, I hear Silence say Trust. And so I repeat out loud, I trust, trusting that something magical happens. I trust, I whisper. I trust, I whisper again. I trust, and magic starts to happen. My mind shifts to my breath and alchemy begins.

I breathe, I trust. Breathe and trust. Breathe and trust a little bit more. The breath cools down my anxiety and the heat around my neck. Trust is lifting the heaviness away from my shoulders. I breathe and I trust and I watch as the swirl slows down. I keep breathing, slowly and deeply. I trust, I whisper. It's a mantra, it's a prayer, it's a letting go.

I trust my breath. I trust my ability to pause. I trust giving it a minute. I trust not rushing. I trust not worrying. I trust not reacting. I trust allowing my thoughts to slow down, the noise to quiet down, my body to stop fidgeting. I trust what I know.

Today is a good day to trust the wisdom in uncertainty, to trust the release, to trust the surrender, to trust the breath. Trying to control outcomes, people and circumstances only brings us grief and distress. Yet letting go to the breath and trusting something bigger than ourselves can bring us serenity, clarity, guidance, understanding and appreciation. Letting go to the breath and trusting can bring us to grace, transmuting our energy into something hopeful, something good.

Read the above again. As you read, be the I who breathes. Be the I who trusts. Trust.

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