Friday, October 19, 2018

All better

I buy them in bulk–supplements, eye rewetting drops, incense, tea, and essential oils. A friend recently asked me why do I keep taking my supplements and doing everything I do surrounding the stuff I buy in bulk considering I'm healthy. Well, that's exactly why.

Her question, though, is reasonable. Many of us will do something until we feel all better and then stop. We fall back into unhealthy habits or stop doing for ourselves what works, what keeps us in good health, what helps our mood, what helps us cope, what keeps us limber, what keeps our relationships real, what keeps our mental stamina up, what keeps us on track to reach our goals.

Today is a good day to pick up where we left off. Let's keep up with our supplement intake, our meditation practice, our coffee with friends, our daily run, our mindful walks, our journaling, our naps, our yoga practice, our social media detox, our intermittent fasting, our art classes, our community service, our poetry readings, our reading of sacred texts, our prayer, our saying no to extraneous commitments, our gratitude practice, our being careful about what we participate in, our putting money in a savings account, our pausing to be in the moment, and everything else we do to keep ourselves well. Self-care has to be continuos and consistent. Let's do it and be all better.

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