Friday, January 12, 2018


This is the time of the year in which resolutions flutter and start to wane. We begin with strong intentions, but soon our eagerness fades. We come across obstacles, interference, doubt, lack of support, insufficient motivation, not enough energy, confusion, false starts, a clash between expectation and our reality, procrastination, and unforeseen circumstances. Enough to make us give up. We'll try again next year.

Maybe we don't have to. Maybe we add a new intention right now: self-awareness.

I have been on a reconnaissance mission. For the past few weeks I have been observing and exploring. I realized that we investigate things that are important to us. If we want to travel, for example, we take the time to know about our destination, transportation, costs, and what we'll need. Yet we don't do the same thing with our intentions, our dreams, and our goal-setting. Sometimes we don't even know why we want what we want or why we set certain goals. We're not aware of ourselves.

When it comes to our intentions, our resolutions, we need to take the time to explore. There are questions we can ask ourselves that will clear things up for us and help us achieve what we want, what we really want. We have to begin by knowing what is. What are our current circumstances? How do I feel? How do I want to feel? We also have to know what our tendencies are. Do I run at the first sight of danger? Do I quit as soon as I don't know what to do? How do I react when faced with fear? Do I lose wind (focus, motivation, stamina) on long distances? Do I take responsibility or do I blame others when things don't go as planned? How do I deal with frustration? Do I get bored easily? Other questions can help in our exploration: Am I able to recognize what is going well? What makes me joyful? What makes me feel purposeful? What are my weaknesses? What makes me strong? What are my attitudes toward life? How have my beliefs helped or hindered me in the past? What are my habits? What inspires me? Am I patient?

As you can see, these questions direct our attention within. Our focus is not external, it is on ourselves. Today is a good day to begin a new intention. Let's do reconnaissance on ourselves with absolutely no judgment. The idea is to know what is, to be aware of ourselves, to know ourselves. When we do, setting goals, dreams, resolutions, and intentions will make sense and the process will flow. When we are self-aware, external factors don't surprise us as much, don't influence us as much. Learning about ourselves leads to realization, trust, and knowing. It is the knowing that serves us.

What other questions will you ask yourself today? How will the answers change your resolutions or make them possible? What will you learn of yourself?

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