Friday, January 19, 2018

Little by little

Little by little the clock ticks, the day advances, and our moods swing. Little by little we choose, we act, and we make things happen – good or bad. Little by little we shape our personality, our character and the way we live our lives. Little by little we grow or we remain the same.

Today is a good day to choose what little things we focus on, for even our big goals are made up of smaller thoughts, choices and deeds, and it is in the accumulation of these choices that we can achieve what we set out to do. It is in the accumulation of little things that big things happen. We can pay attention to and focus on acts of kindness, generosity, politeness, good service, courtesy, gratitude and any other little gesture that makes us smile and lifts us up. These little things raise our vibration, energize us, and prime us for more of the same. As life inches forward, little by little we can choose what little things will make the big things, will make our life sweet, enjoyable, and fulfilling. What little things are going to make your day today?

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