Friday, September 1, 2017

Love rains, love reigns

Hurricane Harvey has devastated parts of Texas and has flooded other parts up to Louisiana. The images on television and on social media show homes, buildings, cars, and other property under water. The damages are unbelievable. The loss, especially the loss of lives, is overwhelming. Lives lost to the storm, lives lost in rescue efforts, lives lost to circumstances complicated by the storm. This is an incredible disaster.

Yet, in all the devastation, faith, hope, and love are coming through. Rescuers are working around the clock to bring people to safety, businesses and storefronts are opening up to give shelter to people and pets, people are coming together to help each other, celebrities as well as non-famous people are donating money to aid the victims of Hurricane Harvey, and we are coming together in prayer bringing strength and power to help this horrific situation.

This tragedy seems to much to bear and yet love rains, love reigns. Amidst the chaos, destruction and devastation, love is raining. Love is reigning. Even is we don't see it, yet.

Today is a good day to join our thoughts and prayers for Houston and all those affected by Hurricane Harvey. May we see the love and not the fear. May we not look for fault, but for ways to help and uplift. May we hold on to the knowing that miracles abound. May those of us who are safe keep a spirit of solidarity witnessing the suffering to help bear it and to help transform its energy. Let's behold the love. Let's be lightworkers. May we keep our focus on thoughts that embrace, heal, and help and, in doing so, send light Houston's way.

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