Friday, September 15, 2017

Assume the position

She was telling me how her shoes are always scuffed. They make her look unprofessional and unkempt. She buys her shoes cheap because she tears them up, she said. She tears them up at the office. She sits at her desk like a five-year-old, she said–slouched, knees together, dragging her feet sideways, on either side. It's not a big deal, she says, because no clients enter unannounced and when they do, they can't see her feet. Only her coworkers see her.

During our coaching sessions, one of the issues that has come up is how, despite the quality of her work, her dedication, punctuality, reliability, competence, and discipline, she is passed up for career growth opportunities and salary raises. Moreover, she is asked to do menial leftover tasks that no one else wants to tackle. She has assumed that position.

We assume an attitude, a walk, and a talk, that matches that which we believe we are. We receive and experience accordingly. We do this every day even if we are not aware of it, especially when we are not aware of it. Superiority, inferiority, disregard, idleness, carelessness, indifference, inattention, mediocrity, unpleasantness, disrespect, rudeness, and irreverence toward ourselves or others reflect in our experience. So do respect, deference, loyalty, mindfulness, consideration, temperance, friendliness, kindness, joy, politeness, and care.

We sabotage ourselves with thoughts that are contrary to our desires. Not doing so takes some inner work, yet, it is possible and will change our experience. Today is a good day to assume the position. Let's bear the attitude of that which we want for ourselves. Is it respect? Satisfaction? Achievement? Balance? Love? What do we want to experience? Let's keep our thoughts, our intentions, our feelings and our gestures aligned with what we want and then see it unfold in our experience.

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