Friday, October 21, 2016

The lay of the land

Things are much easier when we know our way around. To know the lay of the land gives us an advantage. We are safer, more productive and can make wiser decisions. We don't stumble as much, or make as many wrong turns. To know the lay of the land is to know the conditions under which we operate, the facts of a situation, the features and characteristics of a locus. To know the lay of the land allows us to evaluate before taking action.

To know ourselves is to know the lay of the land. This is no easy task. We must have the willingness to look within, to see what's there. This is not easy because once we survey our inland, we have to appraise, to acknowledge what we find. Yet, this is where it may get easier for us. Once we know the lay of our land, we may understand what our triggers are, why we react a certain way to certain circumstances, where we flow, where we are afraid and where we are excited to go, what we enjoy, what are past conditions have made us believe, where we get stuck, what are current conditions are, where our perceptions take a false turn, where we have fallen, the wounded places, and the points of healing. Once we start to know the lay of our land, we get more adept at handling situations, we recognize our strengths and weaknesses. We know where we ought not to go, where we have to repair, rebuild, rehab, renew and restore and where we can go for inspiration, feelings of ease, encouragement, energy, insight, motivation, imagination, perspective, clarity, creative juices, intuition, discernment and reminders of what we want and what makes us happy. When we go there, we respond better to life. We become composed, patient, serene, able to deal.

Today is a good day to look within, to start to familiarize ourselves with who we are beyond the scope of our self-concepts and external pressures. Let's take a few minutes in meditation to focus only on our breath in and our breath out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Stay for a few minutes. Still. Quiet. Focused on the breath. Let's do that again tomorrow. Then the day after that. Let's do that for a few minutes each day. That is a sign of our willingness to know ourselves. We will then know not the way around, but the way in.
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