Friday, October 28, 2016

Fat lip

I was eating hurriedly and had my mind on several things when my attention came full center as I bit my lip. Ouch! It hurt, but there was no blood so I carried on with my day. As I went about, I kept feeling the wound with my tongue, but I kept on going. Instead of taking care of it, I ignored it. Over the next few days, the wound grew and the pain intensified. I numbed it with an ointment and kept going. I numbed it and kept biting the same spot on my lip, deepening and widening the wound. It got worse. The pain and the swelling did not let me sleep, eat or speak. Why didn't I take care of the wound sooner?! I mumbled in pain.

We ignore our pain when it is subtle. We don't make time to tend to what bothers us. We ignore certain issues hoping that they will go away. Yet they don't. Numbing ourselves from the pain doesn't make what causes the pain to go away either. These issues will be made felt until we deal with them.

Today is a good day to tend to ourselves, to our wounds, to what is bothering us, to what hurts. Healing begins with facing those issues. They will not go away until we care for them. They will grow deeper, and wider affecting us in other ways, developing into other symptoms and dysfunctions. Either our pain grows or we grow. Today is a good day to nurse the wound on our lip before it gets fat, swollen and painful. Today is a good day to heal ourselves back to well-being.

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