Friday, June 10, 2016

Money Wise

I hesitate writing about money here. I have written about it in other mediums and have given workshops on it. Yet I know it is a sensitive subject and I abstain from bringing it up here. This morning, though, I was performing some of my money rituals and a wave of gratitude, appreciation and joy came over me. I felt I had to share it. So here I am, writing to you about money.

I love money. I do. I have many rituals, habits and attitudes around and about it. They include balancing my checkbook, creating a budget, calculating my cashflow, ordering the bills in my wallet by denomination and facing all of them in the same direction, sharing it gladly, spending it joyfully, paying bills on time, saving it with intention and purpose, never feeling embarrassed about it, celebrating when others get it, never speaking ill of money or judging it as good or bad, blessing it when I give it, never complaining about it, and never talking about its lack. I have a relationship with money. We all do. Some of us have a good one while some of us don't.

People can be wounded about money and this translates into a fearful, emotional, resentful and angry relationship with it in which we blame, judge and begrudge. When we do, we never seem to get where we want to be or do what we want to do. We focus on the wrong thing. We assume it has to do with money. But it doesn't. It has to do with our perceptions, beliefs and attitudes. This is not about public policy and world economics – that is another matter. This is about our personal relationship with money.

Money is energy. It flows. It needs to flow. When it doesn't, it festers. When it flows, it allows, because we have allowed it. It is also neutral – neither good or bad. Because it is energy, it never ends. Money never ends. It flows. Perhaps it helps to know that money is not only about currency, cash, credit, income, expense or debt. Money, as I write of it here, is about an abundance of good things and experiences.

I wanted to share this with you as a testimony of what love can do to change a relationship. Money doesn't love us, but the Universe does and as we handle our finances with honor, respect, joy and love, we receive with great measure. It doesn't give because we do. It is entirely up to us to allow its flow. This is very empowering to know. It took me a very long time understand this. I lack for nothing. I live with an abundance of goodness in all areas of my life.

Today is a good day to release our fear about money, to remove the obstacles to its flow. Let's relax our attitude about it. Let's trust our relationship with it and invite its flow with joy, gratitude, and non-judgment. Spend it, share it, receive it, let it flow.

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