Wednesday, June 8, 2016


I am so glad I waited until the credits rolled. The movie was not that funny, but the bloopers were hysterical. I laughed so hard my abs were burning, my cheeks were hurting, and I forgot everything that was bothering me. I was enjoying life. Everything that mattered was happening right then, right there. What a mindful, wonderful moment. It helped me put everything into perspective, lifted my mood, and opened me up to joy.

I realize that laughter won't make problems go away. It won't fix what is broken. Yet laughter helps us deal. If we have to face difficulties, it is better to do it in a pleasant state of mind. Laughter gives us an edge over our negativity bias and helps us feel optimistic and positive about life. It also relaxes us, shifts our energy, brings our focus to something different, and softens our rough edges making us more approachable, welcoming, and warm.

We are in this movie together. Today is a good day to stay for the bloopers and have a good laugh. Let's spread some joy.

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