Saturday, August 1, 2015

Leave of presence

It was too much. I had accepted too many commitments to do any of them justice, so I paired down. I chose to keep only a few. It made sense, especially for this passion-project, The Soulcerer's Path. In the last two years it has grown meaningfully and I needed to do it justice and due diligence. I needed to honor it.

Initially, I thought of taking a leave of absence to regroup, to eliminate distractions–I felt so scattered. Yet what I took instead was a leave of presence–a time to inhabit, occupy and immerse myself mindfully in my life and in the evolution of the Soulcerer's Path's. I reestablished my goals, reprioritized my activities and reorganized my time and spaces. I became focused on the changes we at the Soulcerer's Path began at the beginning of the year. For a moment I thought I was straying by not posting daily to you here, yet I realized that I was fully present and connected. I was living my days the way I intended. This is all part of embodying what I have been learning on my path–to live more aware, with more joy, with purpose, savoring what happens and making all of my experience substance for my writing and my teaching. My only disconnection was our virtual one with you for I stayed connected in a soulful and mindful way. Now, here I am, here we are–you, me and the family at the Soulcerer's Path–back in social media. The changes and improvements and leaps forward have come a long way. Soon, you will see them. We have and we are so excited to share them with you as they unfold.

Today is a good day to be fully present in whatever you are passionate about. Start by placing your focus on your day, only on this day–as it is. Allow that attention to open up to the enthusiasm you need to drive your passion. This enthusiasm can only be found when we are present–absolutely, mindfully. Be absolutely and mindfully present. Go. Take a leave of presence.

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