Friday, August 21, 2015

21 days, a meditation

Today is August 21. I have been counting down to this day for the past 21 days. I wanted our editorial calendar to begin today, on the 21st of the month. There's something special about the number 21. It calls to me for a variety of reasons, none of which are obvious and most of which are special only to me. Nonetheless, it is the 21st of the month and we begin our new bi-weekly regular schedule at the Soulcerer's Path. We begin with a meditation, not on 21 days, but on creativity.

This meditation will ignite our creativity and artistry in every endeavor and area of our lives. Whether we are writing, composing, sketching, designing a financial portfolio, planning our week, choosing a name, deciding what to do about money, how to begin our next presentation, how to deal with a difficult neighbor or how to give someone unexpected news, this exercise will activate creative energy within us.

Find a space in which you feel comfortable and won't be interrupted for this meditation. Sit with your legs crossed, placing your hands on your lap. Palms up. Fingers relaxed.

Intend for creativity. Allow it to come through.

Take three cleansing breaths: close your eyes softly and breathe in deeply then exhale slowly. Breathe in again, deep. Exhale slowly. One more time. Relax your shoulders.

Breathe normally for a few moments. Keep your eyes softly closed.

Relax your face, relax your shoulders.

Breathe in deeply.  Feel the breath reach in to your pelvis. Breathe out slowly.

Take a long breath into your pelvis. Breathe out, slowly.

Once more. Breathe into your pelvis. Breathe out slowly.

Now, breathe normally, with your eyes closed, for the rest of this meditation. When your mind wanders, come back gently to the visualization:

Imagine a sphere the size of a grapefruit orbs over your left hand. Feel the tingle over your hand.

The sphere begins to pulse. It radiates a soft, orange light. Breathe.

The sphere pulses and its light intensifies. Breathe.

The light starts to expand, reaching out in all directions.

Streams of lights extend far, deep and wide. Breathe.

The light calls unto it everything that is like it. Breathe.

The light dispels everything that is unlike it.


The heaving light clears the pathways. Energy flows.

Feel the tingle over your left hand as the light glows more intensely. Breathe.

The light expands.

Your right hand is open, like your mind, your heart, your spirit. Breathe.

Energy flows from the sphere to your hand to your mind to your inner Creator. Breathe.

Source energy is warmly flowing through you.


You feel easy.

You feel calm.

You feel eager.

Breathe in the light.

Breathe for a few more minutes. Watch the breath in. Watch the breath out.

Breathe easy.

Relax for a moment or two before becoming fully alert to your surroundings.

Then go.


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