Tuesday, March 17, 2020


They say that time heals all wounds. Time heals. Time is a master, a teacher, a healer, a friend. It is a gift. Time has been gifted to us to commune, to feel and to join soulfully in the collective suffering of this pandemic. This is a time to learn and to cooperate with others and with what is. This is a time to rest, to mend and amend.

We rarely have these opportunities to connect with what matters. We now have a chance to connect more mindfully with others, to enrich our relationships, especially with ourselves. Today is a good day to retreat where we are. Let's take this period to reflect, read, write, play, laugh, dream, and reset our hurried clocks. Let's take this time to fill our bodies with deep and slow breaths. That we may feel fully what we don't regularly take the time to feel. Let's retreat into communal and physically distanced solitude, to be closer than ever in a common ground of experience. Let's draw back and return more conscious, more mindful, more peaceful, and ever-thankful for this gift of time.

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