Friday, August 18, 2017

Observer effect

It has been 98 days since the last time I posted here. Ninety-eight days ago my son was about to turn into a 16 year-old, I was 64 days away from my wedding, and had an impressive school and client work load to wrap up. Overwhelmed, I took time away. I didn't make a plan or intend any particular outcome. I decided to observe. I limited my intake of social media and focused on what was essential. While I kept up with my obligations and responsibilities, I did it all with observation as my intention.

Quantum physicists have scientific explanations for the effects of observing a phenomenon. They call it the observer effect and base it on quantum field theory, superposition, and Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle. Their experiments have concluded that observation can affect the outcome of what is observed. Exactly.

There's an inherent magic in observing. As I began to observe my self, my days, my thoughts, my feelings, and my surroundings, I started to feel the overwhelmness dissipate, my stress level decrease, and my awareness increase. I started to see patterns, habits and attitudes, as well as subconscious beliefs that affect my demeanor, behavior and decisions. I had no judgment about this. I was just observing. I don't know how to explain the effect observing has had on me, yet the mystical impression that remains now infuses everything–my thoughts, my feelings, my gestures. I think, feel and do with more awareness and with a sense purpose and of connection to my Higher Self. I am left with a sense of appreciation, joy and subtle eagerness.

Today is a good day to observe, to watch ourselves in thought and action. Let's take time to look at ourselves and make no judgment, make no decision and take no action based on this exercise. Let's just observe. What will we learn about ourselves, our reactions, our moods, our understanding of the world and of our place in it? What effect will observation have on us?

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