Friday, January 20, 2017

Oh, the pressure!

She needs a pressure cooker, but she won't get one. She says she is afraid of it. She understands how it works and how to use it. But the idea of the pressure cooker still scares her.

It's not the pressure, though, that scares us. It's the whistling, the warning, the signal of something impending, the expectation, the constant realization of pressure that makes us uneasy, tense, anxious and worried. Some of us can manage the pressure just fine. Some of us can't. What we can't manage is the stress that we create with the underlying thoughts. There's so much to do. I won't be able to do it all. I'm about to blow. I'm going to miss my deadline. I have so much pressure. I feel so stressed. This is too much! I don't have time. If one thing goes wrong, everything else goes to hell in a hand-basket. We moan in pain.

Sometimes we have to create, cook, produce, and work under pressure, but we can do it with a new awareness. Today is a good day to let go of the tone of distress, the alarm, and the sense of urgency. We can do this for our well-being and the wellness of what we want to accomplish. It is a good day to focus on what we want to do, and how we do it. We can offer ourselves a different attitude, body posture, gestures, and mannerisms. We can adopt a new rhythm. This will not change what we have to do, but it will change us and the way we feel. This will also help us to think more clearly and be more creative ultimately helping us to change our circumstances for the better.

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